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Hamburger Paragraph Structure

esq-in-n-out-burger-080709-lg-45867371Students are learning to properly write paragraphs using the “hamburger” structure.  This means that we use the visual of the layers of a hamburger to remember the main structural sentences that must be in a paragraph to make it complete.  Today students are using the topic of their favorite foods for their paragraph blog.

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This is what we want to see in our ESLDO class

The Blog

Last month, we attended the Modern Language Association’s annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts, and had a great time talking to educators about how encourages in-class conversations to keep going and keeps students and parents up to date. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how some tech-savvy teachers are using to create educational experiences that seamlessly blend the traditional and virtual worlds.

The Paper-Free Class Experiment

My name is Mr. Hays and I teach 8th grade Language Arts. I am a National Board Certified teacher, and I have been reflecting on my role as a teacher this past summer. This year, I  have decided to try a radically different approach to teaching. I want to step away from the traditional classroom for a while and see just how much we can do online.

With The Paper-Free Class Experiment, Florida middle school English teacher James Hays has built…

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